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What is CodeWars?

CodeWars is a first-class computer programming competition for high school students. CodeWars was hosted on Hewlett-Packard's Houston campus for its first 15 years of existence. As of 2014, we also hosted HP CodeWars competitions in Austin, Bangalore, Palo Alto, Roseville, and Taipei. 2015 added Barcelona and Newcastle. We are always evaluating other possibilities for future contest locations -- stay tuned! With HP becoming two companies -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. -- in 2016, CodeWars became an event co-sponsored by both corporations. Two companies -- one great event!

A CodeWars event successfully combines several quality ingredients: a high-tech setting, a wide range of programming challenges, plenty of programmer food, music, plus giveaways - all in an exciting, stimulating, and competitive environment.

Students enjoy pushing their limits in the energetic atmosphere. After the formal contest is over, we award trophies to the top competitors in each of two classifications, plus loads of exciting door prizes like computers, monitors, software, and accessories. This is the ultimate high school computer programming competition.