Triangle Area
Problem 2 Division II 2 Points
Problem Statement
The area A of a triangle can be calculated from its base B and height H (see figure 1) according to the following formula:

A = ½ * B * H

Write a program to read the base and height measurements of several triangles and print the area of each one.

Program Input
The program should read two real (floating point) numbers from the keyboard separated by one or more spaces. You may assume that the input numbers will be greater than zero. The program should use these values as the base and height of a triangle for the area calculation. The end of input is indicated by two zeros.
4 12
 2.1   5.3
19.7  6.0
0 0
Program Output
The program should display on screen the area of the triangle as part of the complete sentence shown in the example output. The program should display at least 4 digits after the decimal, more is OK.
The area of the triangle is 24.0000
The area of the trianlge is 5.5650
The area of the trianlge is 59.1000