Problem 5 Division II 4 Points
Problem Statement
Our department has agreed to certain documentation conventions that should be used in our program code. "Super" Bob has been assigned to write the documentation tools, and he's currently working on a "boxed text" feature. The way it's supposed to work is this: given several lines of text data, center the text and enclose it within a box made of asterisks. *NOTE* Insert spaces and empty lines such that no characters from the text data are touching any asterisks.
Program Input
The input file will be named PROG05.IN and will contain several lines of text.
Main Topic
By Sam Spoonwater
Program Output
Output the results to the output file PROG05.OUT. This file should contain the input data centered and surrounded by a box of asterisks, without any text touching the asterisks and only one space between the text and box.
*                   *
*       Title       *
*     Main Topic    *
* By Sam Spoonwater *
*                   *