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   Code Warrior Introduction




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Task Description

Computer programmers must learn some rudimentary social skills, even if their interpersonal interaction is constrained by digital media.  Please write a program to introduce your team to the judges.

Program Input

Your program should print a prompt for the judge to enter his or her name like the bold face type below. Then it should read the name from the keyboard input. You may assume that the judge will enter one name only, so you don't have to worry about spaces in the input.

Please enter your name: Joe

Program Output

After reading the judge's name, your program must complete the introduction by (1) greeting the judge, and (2) displaying the name of your school, your mascot, and the names of each team member. You may use the format below as an example:

Hello, Joe!
We are Athens High School Lions: Mike Davis, Anh Nguyen, and Isok Patel.


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