March 5, 2005

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   Reaumur Temperature




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C programmers: your program name must be: prob02.exe
JAVA programmers: your program name must be: prob02.class


Task Description

The Reaumur temperature scale is named after the French scientist Rene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur (1683-1757). He proposed his temperature scale in 1731. Reaumur divided the fundamental interval between the ice and steam points of water into 80 degrees, fixing the ice point at 0 Degrees and the steam point at 80 degrees. Rene Reaumur also made important discoveries in the fabrication of steel from iron, carried out experiments on the artificial incubation of eggs, and was an authority on the natural history of insects and the manufacture of tin ware.

The Reaumur scale, although of historical significance, is no longer in use. For this task, a science historian is translating some of Reaumurís steel experiments, and you will write a program to convert temperatures from Reaumur to Fahrenheit using the following formula:

F = R ◊ 2.25 + 32


Program Input


The program will prompt the user to enter a Reaumur temperature, and read it. 


Enter Reaumur temperature: 35.27


Program Output


The program will convert the Reaumur temperature to Fahrenheit and print the result with the appropriate unit label, like this:

 111.3575 degrees Fahrenheit.



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